Saturday, March 17, 2012

4 Days Until The National Conference!

In just four short days, five members of our student chapter will be flying down to Atlanta, GA for the ASTA national conference.  We are honored to be accepting the national award for the Most Improved Student Chapter!  Today, I downloaded the program book for the conference and was REALLY excited to see the little blurb talking about the student networking night and EVEN MORE EXCITED when I read further down and saw that our chapter was mentioned! 

I can't even wait to meet other students and find out what they have been at their universities.  I wish that we could bring down our whole chapter for the conference, as well as everybody who was involved in the organization from 2010-2011 (that's the school year we won the award for!).  Hopefully (fingers crossed) we'll be able to bring many more people next year since Providence is much closer to Mansfield than Atlanta.

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